Family owned and operated,
we have been building and remodeling in San Francisco and all of Northern California for 4 decades.

We help Architects, fellow Contractors and Owner/Builders and nice people with the more challenging jobs.

We are saddened by the devastation that occurred due to the fires in  October in Santa Rosa, Kenwood, Calistoga and all other areas affected

Patrick has over 40 years of experience as a General Contractor and would like to help YOU rebuild YOUR home.

We do large General and artistic High End remodels and new buildings. 

We install Moment Frames, La Cantina Doors and much more. 

We also do Fire Restorations, Eichler Home Restorations, and much more.

We do all of the house, with a minimal amount of Sub Contractors.

Our work is done with the best materials and craftsmanship. Since we enjoy our work, our jobs are pleasant, respectful and professional.

We work for nice people only who are ready to transform there homes into their very special place.

        You are your improve your home and life today.

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Large remodels and Wow transformations,

When your serious and ready, you know your budget, wishes, and need a seasoned Builder call us, we answer the phone.


650-868-8492 or 707-978-8585 

​ CA License Nr 479385

Check out samples of our recent and past work in our photo galleries.  It's fun to look at projects from decades ago.

If you need things fixed up or want to get creative, let's go.

This is a little open floor plan house, designed and built by Patrick in Sonoma.

The 2 country classic Sonoma examples are 18337 1st Avenue and 125 Fetters Avenue.

   8 Cedar Lane, Woodside, CA.

 The photo here is of the historic style Barn/Carriage house/ 7 car garage...with a large game room above.

 This was part of 3 buildings built around the centered pool.

The main house, guest house and Patrick's favorite..the barn.

 Designed and built by Patrick in 1990.

Brady Construction Company

650-868-8492 or 707-978-8585

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